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Practical Kitchen Knowledge

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When it comes to Kitchen, No matter how much we discover it over the centuries, it will not be the tip of the information.
Little practical knowledge that will work for everyone:)
Before making potatoes in the oven, boil them for 10-15 minutes and drain them with fork.It’s easier to cook.
You can use frying oil a few times.
Put a slice of bread in the hot oil to see if it is in use.
If there are no black spots in the bread, you can use them.
When you buy a new pan, first boil some vinegar in it.This will prevent your fries from sticking in the Pan.
To prevent your flour from being bugged, put a bay leaf in the flour jar.
If you have a large amount of potatoes, put an apple in the bag.
Prevents sprouting and shrinking for 8 weeks.
If you want to make a fluffy omelet, mix a teaspoon of corn flour into a tablespoon of water.Add the egg mixture.That way you’il be making a fluffy omelet.
If your biscuits are softened, place them in the oven tray and bake for a few minutes.
Let the cheese grate easily for 15 minutes in the freezer.
If you want to clean the drawers before emptying them, put a thin sock on the end of the vacuum cleaner.
When you cook chicken in the oven, put the spices on it.
That way it’il taste better.
To make mushrooms more delicious, put some salt and lemon juice on them before cooking, let sit for 5 minutes. Cook later.
Place a strip of aluminum foil in the middle of the cake mold before pouring your dough.So you can easily remove your cake after cooking.
If you keep dry onions in the vegetable section of the refrigerator after wrapping them on the bag paper, you prevent them from rotting.
When the chicken is fried in the oven, divide the lemon into two, press half on the chicken and apply it.Place the other half in the chicken.Your chicken will roast like pomegranate.
If your tomato sauce is too low, grate it with a carrot. Carrot will taste your paste.

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