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I saw the interesting shapes in the Nazca desert watching the documentary on TV and I was very interested and did a little research.
The oldest two thousand five hundred years old. But humanity has discovered these shapes in the 1930s, but only after the plane was invented. In Southern Peru, we are talking about the Nazca line in the Nazca Desert, which consists of the shapes of animals such as monkeys and lizards. Now we take a journey in the mysterious world of these lines.

A passenger looking down on the ground as he flies through the red desert in southern Peru, the seaside in this boring desert becomes interesting when he gets white after a certain period of time. After a while, the patch of these white lines will be transformed into geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, spirals. When looking at more detailed, it will be seen that these figures are turning to animal figures such as monkey, spider, hummingbird, pelican, lizard, jaguar or various flower, tree and plant figures.

In this interesting man-made plan they are known to the km Nazca lines Pal and on an area of ​​450 km2 in the direction of the Nazca and Palpa cities, 450 km from Lima, the capital of Peru. The region has more than 800 straight lines, more than 300 geometric figures and more than 70 animals and plants. The largest figure reaches a length of 370 m and can reach a distance of 50 meters.

These lines were formed by thin pits of 10-15 cm depth, which were taken from red-brown colored pebbles as a result of the oxidation that filled the Nazca Desert.

The exposed white-gray soil led to the formation of openly visible shapes over the redbrown back area. The desolation of the Nazca Desert, one of the driest places in the world, the lack of climate and winds throughout the year have left these lines intact for centuries.

But who, when, and why did these gigantic forms in the middle of the desert do? Some of the lines of the BC. Even though the majority of the lines go back to the 500s BC 200-M.S. 500 years.

On this date the people who dominated this region and the existence of M.S. It is thought to be the ancient Nazca people who continued until the 800s. This civilization, which develops advanced irrigation systems that can attract water from the ground, is unfortunately not possible to know what these lines are made for because it does not have the writing. Therefore, the purpose of these drawings is a mystery.

The fact that the drawings are only visible from the sky or high places further deepens this mystery. As a matter of fact, the drawings only attracted the attention of people in the 1930s when the planes started flying.

Erich Von Daniken claimed that the runway served as a sign that the runway had been demolished by aliens. In fact, the Nazca lines became famous for this theory that Daniken put forward in his book The Car of the Gods. But there is no reason to think that this theory is true. There is no data pointing to the descent of any extraterrestrial presence in the region, but it is known by the wooden stakes left by the Nazals, where the lines are made with rough wooden tools.

As a matter of fact, Joe Nickell was able to make medical copies of these shapes using similar coarse tools. Moreover, these operations can be completed by a small group within a few days without any help from the air, as Daniken claims.

Jim Woodman claimed that the Nazis had balloon technology because of the way the shapes appeared from the air. In fact, Woodman was able to make a flying balloon using the simple tools and materials of the Nazis. However, historians reject this theory because there is no evidence that the Nazis have a balloon.


In the 1940s, the historian Paul Kosok, who studied these lines for the first time, and Maria Reiche, an archaeologist and mathematician, claimed that these lines had astronomical meanings and served as a kind of giant astronomical calendar. This claim was based on the fact that there were lines indicating the place where the sun was born in both winter and summer. Reiche thought that the drawings depicted the constellations in the sky. Although this view is quite popular, many astro-archaeologists, such as Gerald Hawkins and Anthony Aveni, think that the figures are not related to the stars and that there is no data to link the region with astronomy.   Other archaeologists, such as Johan Reinhard, think that the shapes are related to the prayer of rain and play a role in rituals. According to Reinhard, only 20 minutes a year in this rainfall area, religious rituals should be relevant to this phenomenon. Coils are a common symbol in the general And culture. The proponents of this view say that the spider's rain symbolizes the abundance of hummingbirds, and the monkeys symbolize the Rain Forests where rain is abundant. Archaeologists continue to discuss Nazca's lines, see if there is an approach that is finally adopted by the vast majority.

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